Pitch for GameIT app

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Company / App Name: GameIT app


Twitter – gameitapp

What does it do?

💰 What is GameIT?
GameIT lets you discover hundreds of free & upcoming games from all game pass & find your favorite single / multiplayer games from Xbox, playstation, steam & 10+ gaming services. Find the best price for your next game

Why do we need it?

🔥 Why did we start GameIT?
Have you ever struggled to find a game to play and spent hours searching each platform? We gathered hundreds of games from every platform and made it easy to filter on category, players, price, game pass and m

Who is it for?

🧭 So far we’ve built:
– Mobile platform deployed on App Store & Google Play.
– Web-App in Beta with most features.
– Database with hundreds of Games, Game Pass availability, Prices, etc.
– Community system with social tracking of wha

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

⚡️ Get an improved experience by inviting your friends!

That’s right, invite your friends & easily share what you want to play. We offer a rewarding affiliate program. Each invite grants you a reward in our Pro membership. This is curren

What’s next?

🙏 Your feedback is gold to us – please share any questions, ideas and comments below.
We’re are just a startup and would love hear from fellow gamers! The team is working heads down to improve the UX and features based on your input. Fi

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