Pitch for FolderBoy

Company / App Name: FolderBoy

Twitter – http://twitter.com/#!/folderboyweb

What does it do?

FolderBoy is a collaborative organizer that allows remote teams to work effectively together.

Tasks and resources are organized into user-defined folders which can be shared among team members.

Why do we need it?

Teams that have members in different cities have the challenge of ensuring that all team members are always on the same wavelength.

FolderBoy has a gmail-like inbox that automatically notifies all team members of any new activity.

Who is it for?

* Teams that have members in different locations

* Individuals who want to freely brainstorm ideas into tasks and achievable goals.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Each team member gets their own personal filters such that they can view shared data in the way that is most comfortable to them, independently of other team members.

We also allow users to have live chats about each individual resource.

What’s next?

We are developing an iPhone app such that ideas can be captured on-the-go.

Pitch Video