Pitch for FlixPix


Company / App Name: FlixPix

Twitter – FlixPixapp

What does it do?

FlixPix is an app that is used to help groups make a decision on what to watch for movie night. (Think of it like tinder but for movies)

Why do we need it?

We’ve all had the conversation that ends with “I don’t care, you choose” and the more people that are in the group, the harder that decision is. FlixPix takes the complication out of movie night in a fun way. For any streaming service!

Who is it for?

Anyone who likes to watch movies and shows, who also uses streaming services to watch them.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

This is a unique app idea, and is well designed. We put so many hours into this trying to make it function extremely well, and look amazing.

What’s next?

We’re putting more features in to make the user experience even better. We eventually want to make the Ai better to show you movies based on what you chose to watch.

Link to Company / App Demo video