Pitch for FIXED Sense

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Company / App Name: FIXED Sense


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What does it do?

FIXED Sense is a smart multifunctional tracker that helps you FIND, PROTECT, CONTROL, and ANALYZE.

Why do we need it?

How did it start? This smart tag was inspired by the Swiss Army knife – it has so many blades and tools and you usually use only one of them, but there are times when the others come in handy as well. FIXED Sense is just like that.

Who is it for?

For everyone who loves tech gadgets and losing his staff often.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

You can use it to open your garage door, it also tells you the temperature and humidity in your house, it helps you find your keys, or keeps your bike safe when you leave it in front of a bar.

What’s next?

With everything working out down to the last detail, we have decided to bring FIXED Sense to you on Indiegogo, to hopefully fulfill our dream! Thank you for supporting us and being a part of our campaign.

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