Pitch for Finale To Do

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Company / App Name: Finale To Do


Twitter – @FinaleToDo

What does it do?

Finale To Do is a minimalistic yet powerful task manager, planner, and reminder. It is a flexible tool to help you organize work, life, studies, hobbies, grocery lists, or anything you can throw at it.

Why do we need it?

Create tasks, add notes, set multiple reminders, specify priorities. Separate tasks by lists, colors, icons, sorting preference, and more. Level up by completing tasks and receiving awards to keep you motivated in your journey.

Who is it for?

Young professionals, college students, freelancers, house workers, or anyone interested in becoming more productive.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

– Gamification: by completing tasks users gain points, level up, earn badges, and unlock perks.
– Flexibility: everything in the app from functionality to visuals can be adapted to your personal taste
– Cost: no subscriptions, premiums

What’s next?

Launching iPad, Web, and Android versions.