Pitch for FaceMagic


Company / App Name: FaceMagic

Twitter – facemagic_app

What does it do?

An AI face swap app has the following features:
– Face swap feature: change any face with anyone’s face.
– Multiple Face Swap Feature: swap multiple faces at a time.
– Face swap with your personal video clips, photos or GIFs.

Why do we need it?

Under the Covid-19 pandemic, people have to stay at home. They have the need to buy some clothes, go travel, change hairstyles, but they are not able to. Our app can help them out. They can try new styles without going out with one selfie.

Who is it for?

People who wanna have some fun in life.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We have a unique feature, you can face swap with your personal videos. Make fun of your friends, boss, make them dance.

What’s next?

1. We are constantly updating the app with better performance.
2. We will add more features to satisfy customers.
3. We are making AI more reachable in life.

Link to Company / App Demo video