Pitch for Explore Dating

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Company / App Name: Explore Dating


What does it do?

Explore Dating is a social, dating, lifestyle app. Where users can make an instant connection

Why do we need it?

Sometimes everyone needs a life partner or soul mate, friend, etc. Explore Dating will help them to get their potential match and Explore Dating is completely free

Who is it for?

People who is above 18 . Looking for partner,friend,soulmate,relationship,marriage,casual,hookup.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

No more swipes
Instant connection
12 hrs to reply back
user’s message to the intended person will be locked after the first instance of a message until a connection is created by another person’s response

What’s next?

We want users to try this product, review it and give feedback. If we get good reviews and feedback. We will start looking for VCs. Our mission is to provide a good, reasonable, different dating app with an instant connection

Link to Company / App Demo video