Pitch for EUDoctor

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Company / App Name: EUDoctor


Twitter – @eudoctoro

What does it do?

With the EUDoctor app, you can easily and conveniently arrange online consultations with a medical doctor and ask for medical advice. Our doctor offers reliable and affordable video consultations whenever you need it!

Why do we need it?

If treatment is required, the doctor can issue an electronic prescription directly. The app is a practical and cost-effective alternative to a regular doctor’s visit as it saves you time and money.

Who is it for?

We have a perfect team consisting of doctors, a lawyer, an IT expert, designers and a marketing expert.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Our simplicity, speed and availability. All our drug prescriptions are valid in all EU countries.

What’s next?

We are currently in the process of changing some things on the site to make it easier for patients who need us. We strive to expand the range of services and be more accessible.

Link to Company / App Demo video