Pitch for Esportudo


Company / App Name: Esportudo


What does it do?

Esportudo is a sports media brand that enables Latinos to keep up with the players, teams, and leagues they love, by providing the most complete coverage through our authentic content and AI-powered curation platform.

Why do we need it?

Latino sports fans have never had a platform built for them, until Esportudo. Before, media platforms were outdated or offered irrelevant information, or did not cover the sport at all.

Who is it for?

Esportudo is dedicated to helping over 650M Latino sports fans feel more connected to their favorite sports. Today, Esportudo reaches over 40M fans per month while partnering with brands to engage this growing demographic.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Only in three years, Esportudo is the Brazilian community’s number one source for information on their favorite pastime: sports. The company reaches 40 million fans per month and is the first platform that connects Latinos with any sport.

What’s next?

Esportudo plans to continue its rapid growth and wants to eventually connect every Latino sports fan with any and every sport. Likewise, they aim to help brands engage with the Latino audience on a more intimate level.

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