Pitch for Enhance it

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Company / App Name: Enhance it

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What does it do?

“Enhance it” uses AI to automatically fix defects in photos and improve their quality. A lot of tools are available for any specific problem that you may need to fix. Your pictures will seem to be edited by a professional photographer!

Why do we need it?

You’ll need it if you have any photo that needs a fix. If it’s blurry, too pale, noisy, too dark, small or low resolution. “Enhance it” can fix all of these problems for you. It’ll turn waste photos into nice pictures.

Who is it for?

“Enhance it” is for anyone who often takes photos with its mobile phone. That is to say, everyone. It’s impossible that all your pictures come out perfect, and it’s a pity to lose those memories. So “Enhance it” will fix them!

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It’s technology. “Enhance it” uses artificial intelligence to fix problems that would be impossible to fix otherwise. This allows the machine to imagine how your picture would have come out if you didn’t move in the last moment, and fix it!

What’s next?

When we launched this app a year ago, it had only two tools: deblur and denoise. Since then, we haven’t stopped improving them and adding new tools to fix more common photographic problems. And we’ll just keep doing that, work and improve