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Company / App Name: ELLIS & MATUSICA PTY LTD.


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What does it do?

Uin allows users to make spontaneous events with friend groups, and plan events specifically avoiding the pitfalls of other social event planners

Why do we need it?

Events start with endless group chats, 200 notifications, and no engagement. On Uin you post the Event FIRST, then your friends engage, Opt in/out, message on the board, organise from there. Easy.

Who is it for?

Outgoing people who want to make the most of their down time, Stay on TOP of what their crew is doing, plan their week by checking the feed and engaging with friends

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Its an event planner in reverse, which removes stigma of inviting specific people, pre-planning, pre-organising. Encourages spontaneity for short term events and gives friends a platform to stay on top of upcoming events/plans

What’s next?

Uin is our flagship product, the innovation of the platform is endless, we’ve only just begun. Were working hard to improve it constantly, getting as much feedback from users as possible and managing bugs as they come.

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