Pitch for DiverseVC


Company / App Name: DiverseVC

Twitter – @DiverseVC

What does it do?

Aspires to make social the new capital. From a podcast focused on startup founders to webinars, business consulting, start-up training, and more, DiverseVC is the one stop shop for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Why do we need it?

There is no blueprint as to how to start a business. DiverseVC aims to pool together a network of entrepreneurs to help lay the groundwork for this blueprint and give entrepreneurs the tools they need to succeed.

Who is it for?

Aspiring entrepreneurs or anyone involved in the start-up realm

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Most companies are based on a product or app. DiverseVC focuses on establishing a network that others can tap into to then have the tools they need to develop that product or app.

What’s next?

Right now we’re just in the podcast stage to grow the familiarity of the company. We will soon branch out into start-up training and a platform to hold business pitches