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What does it do?

The Customer Engagement Hub For Omnichannel Success
Operationalize customer empathy, empower agents with coaching intelligence, and streamline case routing. All from one AI platform.

Why do we need it?


Who is it for?

Take a pulse of your business with DataOrb Customer Experience Pulse
Decisions are sound when made from data instead of anecdotes. DataOrb makes it easy to take a 360 pulse over the voice of your customers and understand trending issues

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

DataOrb is an AI-first company that enables companies to operationalize customer empathy – across all touchpoints and channels. With DataOrb’s Customer Engagement Hub, companies can enhance their playbooks by turning insights into action.

What’s next?

Case Routing
Streamline ticket routing based on customer profile, contextual information, and agent affinity.

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