Pitch for Curius


Company / App Name: Curius

Twitter – @Curius_App

What does it do?

Curius is a location based social networking & dating app where users can express their intentions while swiping in 6 directions each representing a unique intention. Matches are made based on mutual intentions of 2 people.

Why do we need it?

Having a second level filter as compared to usual dating apps, for forming meaningful social connections & also various types of social connections.

Who is it for?

People who know what they are exactly looking for before forming a social connection. People who are tired of matches on existing dating apps who are not even looking for the same things as them.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

The second level filter provided by 6 direction swiping is an absolutely new feature. People can form various types of relationships from serious dating to casual hangout to friendships to just chatting with someone.

What’s next?

Being a social networking app, we need a lot of users & that’s what we are gonna focus on.

Link to Company / App Demo video