Pitch for cSociety

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Company / App Name: cSociety


Twitter – csocietyinc

What does it do?

cSociety is a browser extension that adds a chat window to your streaming page enabling you to chat to others all around the world who are watching the same show/movie or content, with our unique “Watch Together” feature.

Why do we need it?

The aim is to make streaming more sociable overall, let people know whats popular across several streaming platforms and allow them to join the conversation seamlessly and effortlessly for a truly universal experience

Who is it for?

anyone, anywhere, at anytime, watching anything (online)

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

unique in that its:
-public chat
– compatible with 5+ top streaming platforms worldwide
-registration and guest user sessions
-live translation for a worldwide experience

What’s next?

gaining traction and hopefully seed funding to ease the pains of my bank account (lol.. this project has been funded entirely by myself)

Link to Company / App Demo video