Pitch for Cryptoshare Banq

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Company / App Name: Cryptoshare Banq


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What does it do?

We are a Peer to Peer Decentralized Financial System that runs on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency instead of Fiat Currency.

We specialize in Wealth Management, Business Development, and Financial Systems using Blockchain Technology.

Why do we need it?

-Our Platform eliminates the need for Credit to access Loans & eliminates the High Fees for using Check Cashing, Money Order, Rent to Own, Pawn Shops, and High Interest Loans.

-Our platform creates a low cost Financial System for Everyon

Who is it for?

-Nearly Half of the World Population (USA 25% Latin America 70%) is Unbanked or Underbanked!
-Over a Billion People in the World, don’t have Access to Adequate Financial Services!

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Our Decentralized Financial System comes with ATMs to effectively use Crypto the same way we currenctly use Fiat Currency.

What’s next?

We look to increase our product offering to Blockchain Wills, Blockchain Insurance, and Blockchain Retirement Plans

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