Pitch for Crumble

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Company / App Name: Crumble


Twitter – Crumble_Inc

What does it do?

Crumble is a multi-cloud platform that builds abstractions on top of services offered by multiple cloud vendors. Deploy our services and let Crumble scale and manage your cloud infrastructure for you.

Why do we need it?

Using a multi-cloud infrastructure comes with a lot of challenges such as complexity of management and the waste of resources such as money and developer resources.

Who is it for?

Crumble is built with all cloud developers in mind. We aim to provide the right balance between abstracting and automating services with offering flexibility to give developers complete control over their infrastructure.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Crumble is the easiest way to use the cloud. Unlike many other cloud services our aim is to automate and abstract cloud management tasks so that developers can focus on shipping product.

What’s next?

Crumble offers a variety of services and we will continue to add new ones on a regular basis to cover any task you want to accomplish on the cloud.

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