Pitch for Copy Rocket AI


Company / App Name: Copy Rocket AI


What does it do?

Copy Rocket AI is the first AI tool made by professional copywriters. We have the best AI email marketing tools on the web.

Why do we need it?

Copy Rocket is here to save marketers and small business owners time, we’ll do 80% of the heavy lifting when writing blog posts/product descriptions/headlines/email newsletters and more.

All you have to do is edit and click publish.

Who is it for?

Marketers, copywriters, entrepreneurs, small business owners and marketing teams. Copy Rocket is for people who write copy on a semi-regular basis.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We are the only AI tool made by copywriters, for copywriters and marketers. We’ve trained our AI only using the best quality content and conversion copy on the web.

What’s next?

Next? We’re going to continue changing the game of AI copy, improving our product. Right now our main focus is becoming the best email marketing AI. But we’re also focusing on ads, blog posts and other copywriting use cases.

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