Pitch for Cookbook

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Company / App Name: Cookbook


Twitter – https://twitter.com/cookbook_dev

What does it do?

Cookbook is an open smart contract marketplace, where anyone can contribute and build their projects faster and better.

With Cookbook you can find, deploy and integrate any smart contract on any chain.

Why do we need it?

Currently it is extremely difficult to find good talent when building on blockchain or if you want to create smart contracts. Cookbook.dev makes web3 projects easier to build and launch.

Who is it for?

Cookbook is for developers who want to build faster on Web3, Cookbook.dev also provides a simple and easy to use interface that anyone can use to create, deploy and manage a smart contract.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

– Reduce development cost
– Faster time to build
– Simple and easy to use UI
– Save $$ on security audits
– Our no code and low code solution encourages more people to build in Web3

What’s next?

We have an extensive suite of features planned for our product to make developer’s lives easier. Everyday we are adding more contracts and features. You can follow our product updates here – https://medium.com/@cookbookdev

Link to Company / App Demo video