Pitch for CARTLY®

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Company / App Name: CARTLY®


Twitter – https://twitter.com/thecartlyapp

What does it do?

CARTLY® works in a simple way. Share your digital business card with anyone, on any device. Provide an easy way to save contact details quickly and accurately, directly to the recipient’s address book, with a single tap.

Why do we need it?

More than 83% of people worldwide own a Smartphone.

We use our Smartphones for work and private life. Whether it is to close a new deal, or to call our loved ones, Smartphones have become indispensable objects, and even a fashion st

Who is it for?

We built our product with businesses in mind. As a result, we understand the complexity and costs of designing, printing, deploying, and maintaining paper business cards.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Share with a unique link or QR code
Create, manage and delegate your fleet
Track performance over 12 months
Use CARTLY® from any connected device
Multilingual – English, German and French
Two-way exchange
Turnkey solution

What’s next?

CARTLY® is continuously optimized, with new features rolled out quarterly. We listen to our customer’s needs and implement the most relevant, value-added features for our customers to leverage.

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