Pitch for Calamander

Company / App Name: Calamander

Twitter – mycalamander

What does it do?

Calamander is an online application that provides a single point of access to most major online calendar services – connecting them all together and allowing you to manage, share and sync all the calendars in your life.

Why do we need it?

Time management takes too much time. Our service provides a comprehensive solution for managing calendars and events across the wide variety of disparate calendaring systems we are forced to deal with on a daily basis.

Who is it for?

Busy individuals who struggle with or spend too much time coordinating all the events in their life – most likely those who maintain online calendars as well as coordinate with calendars of family members, colleagues and organizations.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It is a comprehensive solution for integrating and providing update capabilities across all popular calendar services. It is agnostic allowing users to continue using existing tool sets while also introducing a new connected calendar view.

What’s next?

Establish a delighted beta user community while continuing to refine the user experience and feature set, integrations to additional calendar providers, calendar and event parsing capabilities, and of course mobile apps.

Pitch Video