Pitch for Bound to Brew


Company / App Name: Bound to Brew

Twitter – @boundtobrew

What does it do?

Bound to Brew is an independent publisher and subscription service provider focused on promoting new voices in literature.

Why do we need it?

When you support Bound to Brew, you are directly helping new authors gain the exposure they need to turn their writing skills into a full time career.

Who is it for?

Bound to Brew is for the writing community and those who support small business. We pair our books with freshly roasted gourmet coffee from some of the best small batch roasters around the nation.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

When we discover a new author, we help bring their works to life by sending it out to our subscribers in a subscription box. This creates guaranteed market exposure for their novels.

What’s next?

Bound to Brew is on a mission to create a large-scale community that can come together and give an audience to emerging writers while enjoying the unique creations of specialty coffee roasters.