Pitch for Blast Workout


Company / App Name: Blast Workout


Twitter – @madmustachecom1

What does it do?

Blast Workout is a serious Fitness & Bodybuilding Training app, the perfect Gym Routine Planner for anyone who wants to progress at the gym, home, anywhere! Whether you are male, female, looking to build muscle, lose weight or get stronger

Why do we need it?

Blast Workout will help you achieve your fitness goals. It keeps you motivated as you progress by providing actual results. Contains pre defined workouts and make your training a breeze thanks to its unique design.

Who is it for?

Everyone that wants progress in their workout and become stronger.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Its intuitive an great looking interface make it a very user friendly workout app. Made by lifters for lifters, it has been polished to be the workout tracking app we actually want to use.

What’s next?

Time to market! Reach out to as many potential users as possible.

Link to Company / App Demo video