Pitch for BitQuail


Company / App Name: BitQuail


Twitter – https://twitter.com/BitQuail

What does it do?

BitQuail is a desktop application that makes trading on multi cryptocurrency exchanges a lot more effective and easier. It allows you to do things that aren’t normally supported by most crypto exchanges but so essential for a trader.

Why do we need it?

Existing crypto exchanges are limited in terms of available features. This lack of features may lead to unrealized profits or money loss. BitQuail aims to deliver all essential features to make the trading process easier and more effective.

Who is it for?

For crypto traders that wants to overcome limitations of traditional crypto exchanges. For those who want to automate crypto trading routine and eventually earn more by doing less.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

– Highest security – private keys never leave your PC (in contrast to existing web alternatives).
– Desktop technology – unique features that wouldn’t be possible to implement in web application.
– Support for 3rd party plugins

What’s next?

Continue to work on the set of unique features, improve stability, add support for more crypto exchanges, implement subscription module, implement algorithmic trading.

Link to Company / App Demo video