Pitch for Billcont


Company / App Name: Billcont


What does it do?

Billcont helps self-employed individuals/ freelancers and small businesses track time/ expenses and bill their clients.

Why do we need it?

You need Billcont, if you:
– are tired of tracking your/ your team time and expenses in different spreadsheets;
– need to control the budget for multiple projects and tasks;
– spend hours creating invoices for your clients manually.

Who is it for?

Billcont is the right fit for self-employed individuals/ freelancers and small to medium-sized teams that need a full-cycle easy-to-use business solution with time tracking, flexible billing, and invoice generating functionality.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Billcont is not just a Time Tracker, you can:
– record and track the completeness of your deliverables;
– generate customizable invoices based on the time, fees, expenses marked for reimbursements, and completed deliverables.

What’s next?

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