Pitch for Baboo


Company / App Name: Baboo


Twitter – baboo_travel

What does it do?

Baboo connects travelers with a global community of local Destination Experts who know their destination inside out to create a flawless, personalized itinerary. We make trip planning stress-free, social, and carbon positive.

Why do we need it?

Booking a trip is stressful. On average, people spent thirty hours researching. Enter Baboo. We connect you directly with Local Destination Experts who know their destination inside-out.

Who is it for?

Our main global target group is clients between 25 and 55, all budgets, but adventurers by nature. They love to get out and experience the world, see new cultures, be close to nature, experience things they have never done before.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Baboo chooses to do good for both people and planet. We use our business as a force for good by balancing profits and purpose by making sure revenue goes directly to local communities, and by overcompensating CO2 off-set.

What’s next?

Shared Trips & Influencers dedicated profile.

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