Pitch for Avian

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Company / App Name: Avian


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What does it do?

ℹ️ What is Avian? Avian automates marketing data. Our product makes it super easy to extract any data you have in Google Analytics and put it into Google sheets. Automatically and live synced.

Why do we need it?

📈 Why should I use it? If you manually are exporting GA data, or have to create reports regularly, give Avian a try because it is likely to save you time and generate much richer insights.

Who is it for?

🤷‍♂️ Who’s it for? For marketers that create regular reports. And for power users of tools like Google Analytics, using the API we make it possible to extract much more data than Google Analytics shows to you on their interface.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

🔥 Why is Avian different? It is super easy to use, no code needed. Set up is only a few minutes and we offer a free trial.

What’s next?

🚀 Where to go? We want to support all data sources marketeers use for their daily work

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