Pitch for Aurajinn

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Company / App Name: Aurajinn


Twitter – aurajinnapps

What does it do?

Aurajinn offers clever Shopify apps to help online sellers transform casual shoppers into brand fanatics. We call it “eCommerce alchemy.”

Why do we need it?

Shopify sellers need to know about all the tools and apps available to them, especially the less-flashy options that eliminate tedious tasks and actually make their everyday operations simpler.

Who is it for?

Online sellers who get 100+ orders per month through Shopify and use custom themes that require enhanced customization.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Aurajinn is focused on making the online sales management process easier for sellers. Our Shopify apps are simple, convenient, and easy-to-use. They help sellers save time & money without confusing interfaces or the need to mess with code.

What’s next?

We’ve launched one app so far: Cynkio, which helps automate tracking number entry in PayPal. In the coming weeks, we will reveal a new app to enhance Shopify store customization.

Link to Company / App Demo video