Pitch for AtroPIM


Company / App Name: AtroPIM


What does it do?

AtroPIM is a modern, free and open-source Product Information Management system. TreoPIM is a single page application (SPA) with an API-centric architecture and flexible data model based on entities, entity attributes and relations.

Why do we need it?

With AtrPIM you get full control over the product experience. It’s easy to keep catalogs up to date, add new products or change existing ones, deliver your current product information across all channels. AtroPIM helps you with teamwork.

Who is it for?

AtroPIM is well suited for manufacturers, wholesalers and brands.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It has responsive design, configurable data model and layouts as well as a lot of features.

What’s next?

AtroPIM is actively developed. For now, we are looking for the possibilities to expand our community.

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