Pitch for Athoni

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Company / App Name: Athoni


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What does it do?

Athoni was born with the hope of being a place where everyone can take advantage of their knowledge, as well as YOUR ability to engage in games.

Why do we need it?

Starting from the desire to build an app that can integrate many activities so that we can learn and improve our English knowledge anytime, anywhere.

Who is it for?

4 properties of the game that Athoni is aiming for are: Competitiveness; Not too easy nor too difficult, suitable for all ages (3+); Learning and Tactics. At the same time, in Athoni, you can also find friends to study English with.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Athoni is the pioneering app in integrating learning in competitive games. The player can gain knowledge from each game.

What’s next?

If everything match our expectations, we are going to proceed to build a website version. It would be unnecessary to access Athoni only through the mobile app.

Link to Company / App Demo video