Pitch for Asia Car Network


Company / App Name: Asia Car Network

Twitter – https://twitter.com/AsiaCarNetwork

What does it do?

Asia Car Network created a full Transactional Platform for the Stage 2 Thai $25B USD p.a. new/used car market, & new consumer & vendor protection services to significantly reduce risk to complete a contactless sale online (excl. test drive)

Why do we need it?

We bring new consumer sales protection services to the untapped lucrative Thai market (stage 2 growth). Market comparison, prices & sale practices are immature & distrust the marketplace. Consumers want online car sales but need guarantees

Who is it for?

Every car buyer in the market (@ 2.2m car sales p.a.) and every seller. Every manufacturer, repairer and ancillary car service provider, financiers & insurers

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Buyer & Seller share the cost of the sale, and both sides see the fees as free or reduced, & all sides see the service as risk-free. We do the work, they both pay less, we provide extra sales guarantees & insurance for both sides.

What’s next?

We have built the Transactional Platform, a marketing network, secured a financial institution, built some tech extras & are building more. We now need managers & salespeople to build our network, accelerate our traction & launch marketing