Pitch for ARTURE – Pocket Museum

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Company / App Name: ARTURE – Pocket Museum


What does it do?

From antiquity sculptures to photographs of World War II, explore over 18,000 artworks in High Definition!

Your pocket museum, allow you to browse artworks from 50 international museums from your phone.

Why do we need it?

A quality and regular access to art can be extremely limited depending on your age, where you live, or how you grew up. Through an interactive visual support and an aesthetic approach, Arture app allows the user to discover and interact wit

Who is it for?

ARTURE is for everyone, the simplicity of use combined with the diversity of themes and collection allows the app to be accessible to everyone no matter their, age, abilities, and tastes.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

ARTURE will allow users to discover art as they’ve never seen it before!

Adapted to the capacity and pace of each, discovering 5000 years of art and history is now possible anywhere and at anytime.

What’s next?

Our app has great ambitions, through replacing technology at the service of art we will continue working innovatively into building on more fair and equal access to art and culture through modern and high-quality tools.

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