Pitch for Arkli – Your Social Campaign Manager

Company / App Name: Arkli – Your Social Campaign Manager

Twitter – arkliapp

What does it do?

Arkli Social Campaign Manager allows marketers to effectively create, publish and measure integrated marketing campaigns that combine any number of email marketing, YouTube videos, WordPress and blogger blogs, Facebook and Twitter updates.

Why do we need it?

Coordinating and managing postings to various channels is hard, and measuring the results of those posts is even harder. Arkli automatically adds Google Analytics tracking to every link to your site in a campaign so you can see the impact

Who is it for?

Marketing agencies, company communications managers, campaign managers, marketing managers – anyone who is responsible for posting and coordinating marketing campaigns with email, videos, blogs and social media.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Arkli lets companies share campaigns with key influencers before they go live. Select users can see the posts ahead of time, and engage with them – scheduling retweets, Facebook likes and comments and blog posts ahead of time.

What’s next?

Deeper Google Analytics integration – pulling in conversion data from Google Analytics into Arkli so that users can see a complete picture of the success of their campaigns.

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