Pitch for AlomWare

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Company / App Name: AlomWare


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What does it do?

AlomWare Toolbox is the essential PC sidekick for your business that saves you time, work and money by bringing powerful and useful system tweaks and automation functions to your workday to relieve the daily office grind!

Why do we need it?

Other PC automation tools are complicated and can involve difficult programming (looking at you, AutoHotkey!). AlomWare Toolbox makes automation easy with English-like scripting.

Who is it for?

Anyone with a Windows PC that wants to make their workday easier.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

A very logical, easy-to-use interface that assists with your daily PC use; along with English-like scripting for automated actions.

What’s next?

More beta testers are needed to ensure all the kinks are worked out and the app can be as polished as can be. 🙂

Link to Company / App Demo video