Pitch for Actual Campaign

Company / App Name: Actual Campaign

Twitter – actualcampaign

What does it do?

Actual Campaign allows you to check the SEO, PR, Alexa, YouTube, Flickr, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Ubervu, Collecta visibility and Social response for your campaign, and follow, join and interact with the live talk around your campaign.

Why do we need it?

Just enter a website, company, product, brand, institution, personality, topic or subject, and let Actual do the rest.

Actual Campaign also have an integrated Twitter client that you can use to watch, reply, promote and spread the word.

Who is it for?

Campaign promoters, webmasters, SEO specialists.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Minimalist and very simple interface with all in one place, no need to go to tens of sites daily to gather such a valuable information.

What’s next?

Feedback and improvements to the service.

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