Pitch for 3veta


Company / App Name: 3veta

Twitter – _3veta_

What does it do?

3veta is the go-to solution for meeting clients online. With us you can:
– Host video meetings with clients (free or paid)
– Receive secure payments
– Track clients and transactions
– Have meetings on your own subdomain (eg.3veta.com)

Why do we need it?

Not everyone can be tech-savvy or have the resources to create their own platform. We make it extremely easy for anybody to create their own platform, with their own branding, where they can provide online consultations and get paid.

Who is it for?

Consultants, lawyers, physicians, yoga instructors, fitness instructors, teachers, accountants, life coaches, astrologists, even stand-up comedians.
Also unorthodox niches like: mock interviews, Dungeon Masters, Online team buildings.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We created an ad-hoc solution that allows you to create a website, host video meetings, and get paid, all on your own platform (with your own branding). No integrations, no explanations.

What’s next?

3veta is focusing on empowering more unorthodox niches, such as mock interviews, pep talks, D&D Game Masters, live tutoring, etc. We are a part of the creator economy and want to help anyone turn their passion into an income stream.