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Company / App Name: 3SSENTIA


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What does it do?

It assists professionals feel more balanced and focused in their workflow and live a healthier work life balance by providing a personalised wellbeing browser support based on their ongoing mood, daily schedule and personal interests.

Why do we need it?

Covid has changed the way we live and work and as Professionals, We Spend On Average Half Of Our Waking Day In Front A Screen. Our digital set up may help us be more productive but it fails at helping us feel more balanced and connected

Who is it for?

Digital nomads, freelancers and solopreneurs aged between 25 and 45 working in a remote environment.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It support professionals from the moment they open their browser to the moment they close it. It’s not a replacement to other health and wellbeing apps but rather a container that hosts them and helps the user make a better use of them.

What’s next?

Refining our training model and understand which signals create the most interesting results.

Working with selected partners (digital suppliers) to host them in our ecosystem

Get funding to take 3SSENTIA to the next level

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