Pitch for 20YearsOf24 – Jack Bauer

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Company / App Name: 20YearsOf24 – Jack Bauer

Twitter – @20YearsOf24

What does it do?

“We’ve Talked To Jack Bauer!”
“20 Years Of 24” Launched On Kickstarter To Bring Isolated Fans Together

A “Comic Con for 24Fans”, the Saturday November 6, 2021 half-day Virtual Convention will be held completely online.

Why do we need it?

“Each interview has been entertaining, engaging and unique. Each guest has expressed interest in joining the Virtual 24 Convention, depending on availability, and the fact that 24Fans are driving it. 20 years later, “24” is making new fans.

Who is it for?

24Fans and pop culture fans Worldwide

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

First fan-focused event for the hit Fox TV show “24”.

What’s next?

Successfully complete Kickstarter campaign and confirm guests.

Link to Company / App Demo video