Beta Pitch for Tora

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Company / App Name: Tora

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What does it do?

Tora is a transformative mobile app designed to combat loneliness and redefine mental wellness. It leverages the power of outdoor gaming experiences to foster genuine connections among users.

Why do we need it?

Real-World Connections: In an increasingly digital world, Tora encourages real-world, face-to-face interactions. It seeks to bridge the gap between virtual and physical connections, fostering genuine relationships.

Who is it for?

Young Adults: Tora is particularly relevant for young adults who often face challenges related to loneliness, transitioning to new life stages, and balancing the demands of modern life.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Outdoor Gaming for Wellness: Tora harnesses the power of outdoor gaming to address the pressing issue of loneliness and promote mental wellness. This unique approach sets it apart from traditional mental health apps.

When and how are you opening up your beta to new users?

Tora will undergo a trial phase at the University College London (UCL) during freshers’ week, commencing with a select group of participants. However, individuals who sign up to our kickstarter will be granted early access

When do you plan on launching?

This year in October, exclusively in London to start.

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