Beta Pitch for Proximeet

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Company / App Name: Proximeet

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What does it do?

Proximeet is an AI plugin that integrates with popular meeting tools like Zoom to help remote engineering teams conduct structured Scrum ceremonies and capture action items, sentiment, and topical summaries.

Why do we need it?

Team retrospectives/planning sessions can be invaluable sources of information. Proximeet is the only tool out there that captures everything the team discusses while providing a structured and fun platform to make it easy for teams to run.

Who is it for?

Proximeet is designed for remote engineering teams who use Agile methodology and need a simple, intuitive, and AI-powered platform to conduct Scrum ceremonies, capture important information, and streamline their project management processes

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It offers an AI-powered platform that simplifies Scrum ceremonies, provides valuable insights, and automates tasks like summarizing team discussions, all while integrating with popular meeting tools and offering a user-friendly experience.

When and how are you opening up your beta to new users?

Currently there is a wait list for users to sign up to on our website! We encourage anyone interested in our product to signup and we will keep in touch 🙂

When do you plan on launching?