Beta Pitch for Opternative

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Company / App Name: Opternative
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What does it do?

Opternative is the first online eye exam. The exam takes roughly 20 minutes and a digital prescription is delivered in 24 hours or less.

Why do we need it?

Almost 3/4 of the U.S. needs some sort of vision correction. The Opternative Exam is the most convenient way to get a prescription from an ophthalmologist. The exam can be taken from anywhere and anytime.

Who is it for?

Anyone that needs a prescription for glasses or contacts

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Opternative is the first and only online eye exam.

When and how are you opening up your beta to new users?

Beta users that sign up will receive a personal early access invite.

When do you plan on launching?

Summer 2015