Beta Pitch for Essay Genius

Company / App Name: Essay Genius

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What does it do?

EssayGenius uses AI to help students write better essays, in half the time. Complete & rephrase sentences, generate new paragraphs, and have your essay structure built for you, all without plagiarism.

Why do we need it?

Writing essays from scratch can be laborious and time consuming. While students always need to spend time doing the relevant research, far too much time is spent overcoming writer’s block and finding the right words to use.

Who is it for?

It’s for students who frequently write essays, and need assistance getting their ideas out onto paper.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It’s the first product of its kind to use the latest generation of NLP AI; GPT-3.

When and how are you opening up your beta to new users?

We’ll be opening up to users highest up on the waiting list at the very start of December.

When do you plan on launching?

We plan on fully launching at the beginning of January next year.

Link to Company / App Demo video