Beta Pitch for Cube SaaS

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Company / App Name: Cube SaaS

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What does it do?

CUBE is a maintenance SaaS designed for Hospitality industry and HNI homes.

CUBE helps customers to manage:
 maintenance task lists;
 manage invoices & payments;
 manage budget;
 manage assets;
 manage service agreements

Why do we need it?

Many hotels and villas:
× break even or make losses;
× many unexpected expenses;
× little transparency;
× many incidents of fraud;
× difficult to track historical maintenance;
× guests unhappy;
× not ready for sale/acquisition

Who is it for?

CUBE is designed to solve all these issues:
 increase profitability;
 minimize unexpected expenses;
 transparency of expenses;
 minimize fraud;
 easily track required/historical maintenance;
 achieve high guest satisfaction

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

 tailored for Hospitality
 information density
 comprehensive budgeting + real time
 premium features included (warranty tracking, capital depreciation, budgeting)
 flexible user access rights & GOA
 pre-set demo units

When and how are you opening up your beta to new users?

Users may sign-up on our website to be alerted when Cube goes live

When do you plan on launching?

This is subject to seed investment to complete the development

Link to Company / App Demo video