Company / App Name: Zighra
Twitter – @zfraudshield

What does it do?

Zighra’s KineticID provides a mobile behavioural biometric authentication solution that detects a user based on human interaction with their smartphone eliminating the need of pins and passwords.

Why do we need it?

Users do not like to enter PINS/PASSWORDS on their phone, nearly 60% disable their screen locks. But smartphones nowdays are used for variety of activities which require storage of sensitive data on the phone leading to a huge security risk

Who is it for?

It is for Mobile application developers and platform providers who want to provide convenient security to their user. Use cases

Avoiding Persistent Login
Accelerating Transactions
Muti-factor Authentication
Securely enabling BYOD

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

KineticID is a friction less implicit solution which provides convenience without compromising security. Unlike other bio-metric solution KineticID does not require any separate hardware making it an ideal solution for large scale adoption.

What’s next?

Making KineticID defacto security solution for smartphones and integrating with mobile banking and payment providers to accelerate transaction

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