Pitch for yutongo.com

public —  December 17, 2013

Company / App Name: yutongo.com

Twitter – @yutongo

What does it do?

With yutongo, businesses crowdsource ideas with their staff or our community. It follows a specific creative method based on collection of idea fragments, combination and recombination. Innovators can earn money for each participation

Why do we need it?

Ideas are the key driver to success for any business, but in order to create good ideas for any creative task, a structured and guided process is needed. yutongo is offerting exactly that.

Who is it for?

yutongo is targeted at the business longtail. While most other Open Innovation site offer their service at several thousands dollars, yutongo offers affordable plans from a few bucks per month matching the exact needs of small companies.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

yutongo is not just a bunch of boring idea forms, it is a structured idea pacours, where participants answer a set of individually defined idea-triggering questions and create ideas through the power of combinationa and recombination.

What’s next?

Boosting the yutongo innovator base and building a broader customer base as well as keep on adding even more creativity tools and intelligence to what we have achieved so far with what the application can do at this stage.

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