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What does it do? is a wine startup, offering a montly wine box subscription of hand picked wines by experts, delivered at the customer’s door. It is all about discovering different wines and learning about them while drinking.

Why do we need it? helps wine beginners, but knowledgable wine consumers as well, with their wine purchase by choosing for them the best wines from all around Europe.
It also offers a fun and easy way to learn about the wines while drinking them.

Who is it for? is eager to help all wine beginners in Europe learn about wine while enjoying a variety of wines each month. Also, by subscribing, everyone can have an access to free online wine courses and learn about wine in a fun and easy way.

What makes it stand out from the crowd? offers hand picked wines by sommeliers, different each month, covering variety of European wine regions and producers. It also offers free wine courses so that anyone can become an expert in a year!

What’s next? plans to expand throughout Europe, with wine deliveries in UK, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe (currently it is covering Switzerland and Germany). Also, all subscribers will have access to interactive wine academy from February 2014

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