Company / App Name: Veamcast
Twitter – NA

What does it do?

Veamcast is a very easy to use, yet powerful publishing tool, a software package and platform to record, send, receive and view high-quality video, audio, photos and other files, regardless of size.

Why do we need it?

Using Veamcast to communicate is easier, more convenient and more natural than sending email, text or picking up the phone. Our platform allows you to present almost any type of media and it will be displayed on any platform.

Who is it for?

Anybody running Windows who wants to communicate via via video/voice or share other media.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It\’s a touch screen windows app that runs on all versions of Windows. It\’s a super easy way to record and send video, voice or other media. It works offline.

What’s next?

Personal broadcasting. Individuals will be able to publish channels that can be viewed in high res without streaming. Mobile apps which will be a subset of the functionality of the Windows app. These apps will use our public API.

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