Company / App Name: Tripper APP
Twitter – Tripper

What does it do?

The Tripper APP, available for both iOS and Android, uses the power of crowdsourcing to instantly connect users to live, multilingual assistants around the world at the touch of a button

Why do we need it?

What results from this, is no less than an extraordinary APP that brings instant interpretation and travel help into a user’s hand at the touch of a button. Truly, “The World’s Local Assistant.”

Who is it for?

for travellers all around the world

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

for the first time, users can be on the phone with live interpreters all within a matter of seconds with no pre-planning. Available 24/7 worldwide, Tripper can be used for any language situation, big or small.

What’s next?

Tripper truly marks a revolutionary move that not only streamlines access to multilingual travel assistants but augments their abilities with a slew of technical tools.

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