Company / App Name: TestObject – Mobile App Testing Solutions
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What does it do?

TestObject, a Berlin based lean company founded in 2012, focuses on the development and operation of testing solutions in the Cloud that allows developers to run automated and custom tests for their new-born Android app.

Why do we need it?

Using the TestObject On-Demand-Solution eliminates initial investments, reduces operational costs, helps to reach a higher testing coverage of various devices and reduces personnel costs for manual testing.

Who is it for?

TestObject is made for everyone involved in the process of app creation!
Developers as well as product managers, quality assurance engineers or even hobby geeks can use TestObject to assure the bug-lessness of their beloved Android app.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

TestObject provides the most comprehensive Cloud platform for testing of Android apps. TestObject allows (among others) to easily run tests on hundreds of real and virtual devices, accessible and remotely controlled directly from a browser.

What’s next?

The introduction of a iOS Platform for Cross Testing, as well as the steadily enhancement of the Android Testing Service and its enrichment with brand new features.

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