Company / App Name: Start Up Academy
Twitter – @_startupacademy

What does it do?

The Start Up Academy supports small businesses make informed choices about their start-up. We work to help start-ups build their businesses from the ground up.

Why do we need it?

With access to funding at its peak at this current time; it is ever more important to provide access to education and support for small businesses.

Who is it for?

The Start Up Academy is here for any entrepreneur or start-up who has a start up or small businesses or is thinking about starting their own business but doesn’t have the know how or guidance to do so.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

The Start Up Academy is unique as it is the only support organisation to create support network which can not only educate and fund a business, but can also provide the necessary tools for a start-up ie. access to websites, premises etc.

What’s next?

The Start Up Academy is launching an official Start Up Offers platform. This platform will allow any entrepreneur or start-up to access offers and discounts for products & services they need without the price tag.

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